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By Roqayah Tbeileh 5 months ago
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By now, every business that relies on social media must be very aware of these products. The social media command center can be very beneficial to different companies and agencies. Command centers are known for their very elegant and smooth design which enable anyone to interpret data easily and spot crises quickly.

Many companies from different industries may not know exactly how the social media command center may be used to enhance the company’s productivity. Therefore, we’re providing the following use cases of the command center that may help businesses look at command centers differently and make the most out of them.

Reporting breaking news

Since the command center can display data from social media in real-time, it can definitely track news by displaying the top mentions from monitored social accounts and topics. Such a feature can definitely help media agencies and relief agencies through getting more data in an accurate and timely manner.

Heatmaps show the intensity of content generated from different areas around the world. Command centers can feature heatmaps to give a general overview of the locations from which users interact with a brand or a topic.


Citizen journalism has been really popular nowadays; some news agencies rely on social media command centers to capture all the content generated by citizen journalists. Heat maps are also very helpful in terms of monitoring which part of the world is generating more content from online users.

Keeping the management in the picture

Managers do not need to know every detail about what’s happening online regarding their brand. A monthly report may not convey a clear picture of the online status of a brand. Reports about social media and online presence can put upper managers in the picture, but not as much as they should, but that will only waste the time of resources which could have been allocated elsewhere.

Therefore, having a social media command center displaying selected real-time data through skimmable charts and graphs is a more accurate way to keep the C-suite of a company aware of what people are saying about their brand or a competitor. Also, it makes them aware of crises and unusual behaviors that may affect the brand. It also can convey to them how quickly issues and complaints are handled by specialized teams in the company.

Taking action when necessary

Due to inaccurate analysis and untimeliness, some departments end up handling issues really late due to the time consumed in spotting a crisis, manually. Through this long process, many things can go wrong. One post can turn into a viral negative campaign against a brand while employees are still consumed in getting gathering data.

A social media command center can definitely speed up any process. If everyone at the company has access to view the command center and be notified when some keywords are mentioned or a certain behavior takes place.


Monitoring thousands of online conversations in Arabic and English

Let’s be realistic. It’s impossible for one person or a team of employees to closely monitor millions of online conversations. People today are very active, and anyone may mention a brand from anywhere in the world on several platforms. Sometimes, a team of 10+ employees cannot scan all the online content generated by users.

The social media command center makes it easier for quality assurance, customer service, and marketing teams to get insights from millions of scanned posts, tweets, retweets, blogs, news, and forums. Notifications and alerts about unusual events can be sent to several personalities in a company, to ensure that someone takes action quickly.

Number of monthly active Twitter users a year in millions.

After all, many companies from various industries and fields are relying on a social media command center because people resort to social media more. Actually, even those who have a complaint or an issue will be writing a post about it rather than calling customer service.

Make sure you request a demo of Crowd Analyzer to know more about our platform and about our 100% customizable command center.

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