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By Roqayah Tbeileh 4 months ago
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Many types of research emphasize on the impact of the settings in which a person is sitting in and their productivity. For instance, sitting for a long time is bad for our bones and overall health. Research also preaches Pomodoro technique, which is a method that we, at Crowd Analyzer, adopt and promote to our team. The bottom line of these researches and many other is that typical offices prevent employees from being totally productive and affects their health negatively.

At Crowd Analyzer, we believe that our teams’ well-being is our main factor of success as a startup. Startups always need extra work from all their teams to position the company in a good place in the market. If we look at the most successful firms and companies across the world, we’ll definitely find one common factor; they make sure their employees are comfortable in their working area.

In the past two years, Crowd Analyzer managed to gather a team of the most qualified calibers to grow with it as it rises to become one of the fastest growing startups in the Middle East. An office that feels like home is one of our main concerns to keep every member of our family comfortable. This serves one of our most essential values; ownership.

The more comfortable our office space is the more productivity and efficiency we get. Research proves that the happiness and comfort of an employee are related to his/her productivity. It gives them space to think more creatively and focus more.

Why Don’t We Have a Typical Office?


We’ve learned and evolved a lot as a society. Although this nature of balancing life and work even at the workplace goes way back in western enterprises, it’s yet very new to Egypt. We know that in order to achieve atypical results you need to provide an atypical ambiance. We recently finished renovating our office and it’s finally complete. Our innovative office is finally complete and is waiting here’s a sneak peak on every single space and how it should affect our analyzers’ productivity.

The Main Office

Once you get in our comfort zone, you will get a nice introduction to our team. We take pride in every single member of this family and believe that the first thing you should know about Crowd Analyzer is what makes it; the great team.

After the entrance, you will find a spacious area with all the desks and glass meeting rooms. You can see everyone from every department. The area was designed to serve the purpose of integration. At Crowd Analyzer, we make sure that all teams are integrated together and work in harmony. Especially with our business objective, every person at the company knows well how their work is important for an overall perfect outcome.

The Quiet Area

Nothing is more comfortable than lying on these cushions and enjoying the echo of your ideas. Even though we’re not strictly the quietest company out there, we still like to keep space for those who need to focus more on finishing a task or a brainstorm. The quiet room is a resort for everyone who can’t focus in a loud surrounding. The room is designed to handle more than ten people, with additional focus cubes that literally isolate you from everything around you. We rely on the pact of respect among our team members to keep this room as quiet as possible.

We Take Fun Seriously



Says who we don’t like to have fun too? It’s a bit tough to have a playground-like area on the 4th floor, but our fantastic interior provides a very cozy room for our foosball matches and tournaments. What if you get an important call in the midst of the fun area (god forbid), we managed to create two soundproof booths for those who need to have a private phone call. Overall, with large open office space, it’s only nice to give employees a sense of privacy to take some time off.

Where Most of The Cooking Happens


We don’t really cook, we’re really busy cooking queries and streams and developing our tool. But our kitchen provides Fresh salad and coffee every single morning for our team to freshen up and start a new healthy day, every day. Our little kitchenette also gives us space to gather for special announcements, occasions, and lunch breaks. We don’t like to eat alone; we’re very tribal when it comes to our eating habits, and everything else honestly.

The small details

The beautiful thing about our office is the small details. We paid extra attention to make small things change our mood and add to our daily routine.


Although most of our employees are interested mainly in engineering and programming, we all have an artist within? We have a huge wall that serves as a board. We have a basket full of chalk for those who feel like drawing on that wall. Although our CTO has been exclusively using it for meetings, anyone can grab a chalk bar and host a meeting, or potentially unleash the artist within.

Also, because chairs are outdated, our relaxation area is designed to be super relaxing. We furnished the fun half of the office with bean bags if anyone is too bored of his/her own typical seating.

It’s recommended to stand for at least one hour a day. Therefore we have three high tables to facilitate a good back health for our teams.

Pomodoro Method

We strictly value the wellbeing of our team, therefore we allocated around 30 % of our office space to fulfill the Pomodoro Method. The Pomodoro Method dictates that in order to increase productivity, employees should spend 5 minutes every 45 minutes should be spent in a relaxing or fun activity that is not work-related. Therefore, we created the fun area which has a foosball table and other means of entertainment.


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