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sentiment analysis

New studies have found that sarcastic people are the smartest, and even more successful than other people. However, regardless of how accurate these findings are, sarcasm represents an interesting and a valid way of interaction and communication between people, and even sometimes, between people from different countries and cultures. Sarcasm is the use of irony to mock something or somebody, or to show contempt. But how does sentiment analysis factor in? In simpler words, sarcasm

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Ramadan Marketing Campaigns

Ramadan is a special occasion that brands strategize for and work hard to create and implement their best marketing campaigns. Although it is a religious occasion, it became more of a competition, in which brands in almost all industries compete to become the best or the most liked brand, and to gain more customers. Crowd Analyzer monitored all Ramadan’s series, TV shows and ads, from the beginning of the month on July 6, 2016. The

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Augmented Reality

Do you remember the huge buzz over Pokémon Go, the game that got everyone walking around in the streets, catching non-existing virtual creatures with their phones? Do you remember how people in the news, channels and social media, went crazy talking only about the game? Well, they were right about their madness! Not only for their interest in the game, but the incredible technology behind it. For its virtual sophistication and technicalities, the game used

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internet of things

If you were impressed with how you can control your TV, home, office or car from a distance, then prepare for a whole new level of astonishment. Living in a “Connected World” is no longer exclusive to connecting people or facilitating communication around the world. Nevertheless, it is about connecting everything to the internet to make it easily accessible and controllable from anywhere. This is when comes the Internet of Things, but what is it?

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