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By Roqayah Tbeileh 6 months ago
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Well, we know we’re not the experts when it comes to film reviews and criticism. Yet, our social media listening tool can give you the feedback of those who watched the movie. Therefore, we certainly have the right insights about the buzz that’ll guide your choices on the big screen. We monitored the buzz of the following movies from the 30th of August till the 7th of September.

  • Al Kahliya (The Cell)
  • Al Kinz (The Treasure)
  • Bath Mubasher (Live Coverage)
  • Shantet Hamza (Hamza’s Bag)
  • Khair W Baraka (Good and Blessings)
  • Aman Ya Sahbi (Secured, My Friend)

As shown in the previous chart, the buzz was concentrated around two eid movies; Al Khaliya and Al Kinz. Here’s what the people said about the top movies of the season.

Al Khaliya (The Cell)

Al Khaliya is the leading film when it comes to online buzz. With more than 42.9% of content about it, people seem to like it so much. From being described as the best Egyptian action film to sharing the theme song, the film is responsible for the largest buzz during the holidays.

Females like it more than males

After scanning both genders, it turned out that more than 71% of female users favored Al Khaliya over other movies. Although it’s an actions movie, it still seems to satisfy the taste of females. On the contrary, 50% of male users mentioned the movie in their tweets. Perhaps the fact that the handsome Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz is the lead actor made the movie more appealing to the female audience.

Ahmed Ezz’s share of the buzz

Of course, when the Superstar Ahmed Ezz is part of a movie, a good share of the content must be about him. Ahmed Ezz was the subject of positive feedback about his performance because, apparently, he added a touch of comedy to the action. Ezz was mentioned in 16.8% of the content of the buzz.


The theme song

Many people shared the theme song by Assalah and Mahmoud Esseily, Kheir W Shar (Good and Evil). People praised the video clip for the song, while some quoted parts of the lyrics.


Al Kinz (The Treasure Part One)

After Cairo was spammed with billboards and advertisements about the movie, the people got high expectations about it. The movie is filled with stars to the extent that almost everyone has a favorite starring in it. This explains why Al Kinz is mentioned by top influencers.

MBC covering the premiere

MBC is the most followed influencer mentioning Al Kinz. The channel was covering the premiere of the movie with a top tweet about actress Amina Khalil who looked stunning at the event. The following tweet was one of the top interactive due to the large number of followers MBC has.

Stars mentioning the movie

On the other hand, actor Mohamed Ramadan and actress Hend Sabry mentioned the movie in several tweets. Well, Ramadan mentioned it over 100 times while Sabry mentioned it 5 times only. Since both actors are very popular and have a huge base of followers and fans, these posts received more than 6K interactions.

Mohamed Saad surprises the audience

The actor most known for his funny character “Al Lemby” surprised his audience with what tweets described as an outstanding performance. For his first major serious role, Saad was applauded for his outstanding performance. Actually, the actor is mentioned in more than 13% of positive tweets.

Don’t go if …

We analyzed the negative content to measure the topics covered by online users. Although the negative feedback is very low, we brought you some insights that will give you heads up before watching Al Kinz.

You hate long movies

Although the film did not receive a lot of negative feedback, yet most of those were complaining about how long the film is. Even some positive content mentioned the length of the film as a downfall. The producers probably expected that kind of feedback while making a 3-hour-movie targeting a naturally hyperactive society. Yet again, the positive feedback is way more than the negative one.

Your expectations are too high

Thanks to the publicity prior to its release and the number of super stars it features, the film was expected to be phenomenal. Hence, even if it’s nice and well-produced, it still didn’t meet the expectations of the whole audience. A considerable number of the negative posts expressed the disappointment of the viewers. Maybe one needs to lower their expectations a little bit before watching the film. Egyptian Film Critic Majida Khairallah published a negative review assuring that the film was disappointing, and some tweets quoted her.


Other movies

There are 4 more movies that barely took place in the buzz. Bath Mubasher (Live Coverage), Shantet Hamza (Hamza’s Bag), Khair W Baraka (Good and Blessings), and Aman Ya Sahbi (Secured, My Friend), did not receive much content by online users. Since Crowd Analyzer can identify business accounts, we were able to tell that the audience didn’t interact with this film as much as it was covered by business pages related to media and film criticism. As a matter of fact, business pages are responsible for more than 50% of the buzz.


We hope this article gave you some useful information to make the right choice of movies. Enjoy watching and have a happy holiday season.

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