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By Roqayah Tbeileh 2 months ago
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As part of meeting the nation’s attraction to expensive and luxurious cars, Dubai Motor Show became the major exhibition for cars enthusiasts. The exhibition, which lasted for 4 days, created a large buzz on social media platforms, most of which was related to exhibited cars in the venue. Crowd Analyzer monitored the event to come up with the following report that includes very useful insights that might support and help main players in the industry.

Top Cars at the Dubai Motor Show

With a huge buzz such as the Motor Shows’, many users tweeted and posted about the most impressive cars and vehicles in their opinion. Here are the most mentioned and interactive cars of the show.


Karlmann, which is worth 3.5m USD received the highest number of interactions in the Buzz. The new bulky black car generated more than 43.7K interactions, exceeding many other luxurious and powerful vehicles.


Of course, the German beast is always keeping its place in any event. Mercedes’s AMG Project One, alongside AMG GT Concept and a collection of classic cars grabbed the attention of many users, generating 27.3K interactions.

BMW’s Flying Motorcycle

BMW took us a step into the future by giving the attendees of the Dubai Motor Show a chance to look at their future hover ride; a flying motorcycle. Yes, you read it right, this vehicle flies. Tweets, retweets, shares, likes, and posts about the flying motorcycle exceeded 20.5k.


A gold-plated McLaren 720S made it as a top car in this buzz as it was one of the highlights of the event. The car is one of its kind made especially for UAE. In addition, 570 Spyder shared the buzz with the 720S. Collectively, McLaren cars received more than 14.1K interactions. 


Ferrari is a milestone in every automotive event. Even when other cars are taking the spotlights, the automobile still has a huge base of fans that are very keen on displaying their passion. Ferrari highlighted its classic cars such as the Tomini Classic, generating more than 13.8K interactions.


We don’t need to say more than one fact, Nissan’s GTR received the Award of the Best Car at the show. with a design that isn’t very different from the previous model, the car was displayed in several models, one of which was gold-plated, fancy isn’t it? Nissan played it well to received a spot in the top car manufacturers and received more than 13.1K interactions.

Which Automotive Pages Took Good Care of Their Social Media Accounts?

Cars were the stars of the show indeed. Some were more amusing and gained more popularity than others. Anyone would assume that luxury and power are the attractive features in any car. In this section, we will highlight the cars that received considerable attention and a brief analysis of what could be the reason behind this attention.


received the highest number of interactions on both Instagram and Twitter combined. With the page having both, a high number of followers, and many interactions, it ranked as the top car in the show. 

Today we have a #dailydetail with a difference, as we announce the latest creation from the team at MSO Bespoke at the #DubaiMotorShow. Based on a Performance spec McLaren #720S this new commission features a unique Zenith Black and gold satin paint finish, and gold finished wheels and interior details. One of the hardest parts of the build was the decal on the aero deck rear wing, which took over 30 man hours to perfect. It’s Arabic script styled to look like the Dubai skyline, but for those of you who cannot read Arabic, it’s also a hidden quote from our founder, Bruce McLaren: It Reads: “Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.” We think that sums the 720S up perfectly. Do you like it? #mclaren720s #mclaren #superseries #dubai #automotiveart #automotivephotography #cardesign #cardesigndaily #details #detailing #MSO #bespoke #bespokecars #carstagram #carsofinstagram #instapic #instagood #picoftheday #uae #uaeluxury #supercarsdubai #motorshow

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Land Rover

If Land Rover doesn’t make it to the top ranking cars in the show, which car would? Of course, the British Four-Wheel received more than 6K interactions, while the official page for the MENA region already has more than 263K followers.


Lamborghini also had a share of the buzz by displaying their AvendatorS Roadster in a tweet that received more than 2.2K interactions.


Volkswagen also made an entrance with their all-new Arteon and Teramont. The tweet including both cars received the attention of 110o fans, while the page has slightly more than 180K followers.

Top Cars That Made it to the News

McLaren 720S

Our assumption is that gold made it to the news more than the car itself. Many people were fascinated by the one of a kind gold-plated McLaren 720S that was created especially for UAE, so were many news accounts.


Another car ranked as a top mention by news accounts, this time it’s Made in  UAE. Probably, the Devel 60 gained its popularity from the previous supercar Devel 16, as well as the fact that it is totally made locally. 

A Few Insights About Users Who Contributed to the Buzz…

General insights about such events are quite important. It gives sponsors, organizers, and participants a comprehensive overview of their audience. As for the Dubai Motor Show, we found that Males are far more interested in cars than businesses and females, as Males are responsible for 55.5% of the buzz, while Business accounts contributed with 28.9% of the whole buzz. Female users participated with 15.5% of the Dubai Motor Show buzz.

Therefore, it becomes a necessity to display and highlight the cars that tackle males’ interests. Meanwhile, knowing which language users are more affiliated with serves marketers big time. So, if we take a look at the buzz, we will notice that 74.7% of users used English to in their posts and tweets, while 25.3% of the content was published in Arabic, with 93% of Arabic content in standard Arabic. Ironically, only 3.5% of Arabic tweets and posts were in Gulf Arabic accent.


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