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By Roqayah Tbeileh 7 months ago
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We all know how perfect and prestigious social media command centers look in events. However, there is more to these products than just their layout. Real-time data coverage adds an edge to any business that is associated with social media. Here are 4 ways social media command centers can be utilized to serve your business.

Quick response to crises

Typically, team members would spend so much time on creating queries that include specific keywords and topics. Afterward, they need to constantly revisit the dashboard to export and analyze data. When all your team members are getting a comprehensive and accurate data on the spot, your team will be able to detect problems and act accordingly. Command centers would spare your business this wasted time to invest more on troubleshooting and crisis management. The social media command center covers online activities in real-time. Quick access to insights and data makes it much easier to tackle and handle issues for complaining customers.

Big data … Simple visuals

It’s ideal that you have access to all the data your business needs. However, as the business grows, collecting and analyzing data becomes a burden, especially for a topic and a brand that has a huge buzz online. Thanks to complex software that can efficiently collect data and translate it into simple customizable visuals, your team will be able to get the information they need in just one glance, literally. All they need is a dashboard that includes all the relevant keywords. While extracting an accurate report is time-consuming, the social media command center allows you to get an overview of online activity in seconds.

Customizable data … Accurate results

Business needs change as the business grows. Top management of companies would change the goals of teams between one day and another. The social media command center is ready to meet those changeable needs at any time. It’s not only about the customized layout, it’s about the data as well. You have access to modify the dashboard from which the command center extracts and analyzes data. Let’s say your company released a new product and you need to closely monitor its performance, all you need to do is to create a new query. Being very selective with data to display provides you with the most accurate results to base your business and strategy on.

Professional & transparent presentations

Meeting with your clients and presenting data to them used to consume hours and days of preparation. Command centers allow you to display your data and analytics in a very elegant customizable layout in real-time. The simple and clear visuals of the command center spare you the time wasted on preparation. Also, presenting real-time data will add to your company’s credibility since insights and data are shown instantly. Hence all enterprises are expected to resort to command centers in their presentations in the near future.


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